Company history

History of the company The SOCIS Center was and remains the leading sociological company in Ukraine engaged in social and political and marketing researches.

Years of membership in the GALLUP International Association, joint work with a global leader – TNS as well as high professional training of the staff ensure the proper quality, reliability and efficiency of the Center work and which make cooperation with the company attractive to clients. The main activities of the SOCIS Center are research of various social problems, public opinion, and marketing researches, as well as participation in international research projects and social programs.


Limited Liability Company “Center for Social and Market Research SOCIS” has been founded in 1988.

1988 – For the first time in Ukraine, a group of experts from the Ukrainian branch of All-Union Center for Public Opinion Research (VCIOM) begins to conduct social and market researches.

1993 – the official presentation of SOCIS Ltd. takes place in November 1993.

1994 – SOCIS becomes an associate member of the GALLUP International Association. It was a recognition of our methods and techniques, and high standards of our work.

1997 – SOCIS becomes a full member of the GALLUP International Association.

2002 – To extend the specialization, two independent companies are founded to replace SOCIS Ltd.: marketing company TNS – Ukraine (which all rights of full membership in Gallup International Association were transferred) and the Center for Social and Political Research SOCIS

2007 – Due to the changes in the SOCIS development strategy, the direction of marketing research is renewed and, accordingly, the name is changed to the Center for Social and Market Research SOCIS as well as the company logo.

Today’s the SOCIS Center has everything that is needed to carry out all kinds of researches – from developing a research program to preparing a report.

  • One of the largest and most experienced survey networks in Ukraine, which ensures the required quality of the field research stage.
  • Highly qualified specialists in the field of information technology, sociology, psychology, marketing and political technology.
  • Special software for data processing, statistical analysis, and preparation of any complexity reports.
  • Extensive experience in international cooperation, conducting international comparative studies, including expert surveys of the political elite.

The SOCIS Center is a collective member of the Sociological Association of Ukraine, a member of the international research network WORLD_DRIVES association, and the Eastern European Network, with the headquarter in Zurich, Switzerland. The SOCIS Center is also presented in the annual directory of the members of the World Association of Public Opinion Researchers (WAPOR) and the American Association of Public Opinion Researchers (AAPOR) “Blue Book”.