Qualitative research

QUALITATIVE RESEARCH is conducted when the Client needs to understand WHY people think so/make such decisions, what are the DRIVERS and NEEDS behind their actions and so on.

Typical tasks to be solved by QUALITATIVE RESEARCH:

  • Analysis of brand/candidate image, key rational and emotional elements of the image, brand/candidate advantages and drawbacks
  • Study of main drivers and barriers to brand consumption/voting for a candidate or a party
  • Identification of unmet consumer/voter needs
  • Deepening into the Inner World of consumer/voter, analysis of their lifestyle, life values and behavior patterns
  • Searching insights to build/correct the brand development strategy/election campaign
  • Searching and testing the Client’s hypotheses
  • Testing advertising concepts and mock-up of promotional materials (videos, flyers, programs of political parties, etc.)
  • Testing the concept of a new product or creating a new product


QUALITATIVE RESEARCH methods used by SOCIS most often:

  • Focus groups (peer groups, nominal, creative, conflict, landing groups, brainstorming and Delphy groups)
  • In-depth interviews (standard and with experts)
  • Purchasing support
  • Mystery shopper